[Xcb] XCB python interface

Friedrich Weber fred at samurai-x.org
Sun May 24 06:49:41 PDT 2009


we're currently developing an object oriented x binding in pure Python 
called ooxcb, mainly for the use in our window manager. Large parts of 
ooxcb are generated from the xcb-proto xml protocol descriptions and 
some interface files that describe the object oriented layer. However, 
currently, only the xproto and xtest extensions are wrapped and usable, 
and not everything has been tested. The project site is 
http://samurai-x.org/, you can browse the code online here: 
http://samurai-x.org/browser/ooxcb. If you're interested, you are 
welcome to join our irc channel ;)

There is also a binding that is nearer to the protocol and more complete 
than ooxcb (because it doesn't depend on additional interface files 
beside the xcb-proto files): http://cgit.freedesktop.org/xcb/xpyb/.



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