[Xcb] BitBlt like method?

Nadeem Syed nadeem0319 at hotmail.com
Mon Nov 23 13:39:57 PST 2009

> I still don't know what you're trying to do. Why are you trying to scan
> for a specific color?

I just need to find a specific color in the handle (for example: an image opened in GIMP), and then record all the pixel locations of where the specified color was found (lets say the color red was found at (3, 16) (5, 17) (20, 19) etc..), and then i'll just record it for "knowledgeable" use I guess you can say. So basically im just trying to get the point(s) of the where the color was found in the handle specified.

> If you're trying to do interop between apps, try talking directly to the
> app (via window properties, or SendClientMessage, or similar). Or even
> reparent one window into the other.

No interopting or sending messages or any sort of that.

> Every bad thing I say about XCB's xcb_get_image goes double for Xlib's
> XGetImage.

Thanks for clearing that, I was almost under the impression that XCB's color scanning would be alot slower than Xlib. I've already seen this done using Xlib and did 1 other way which were pretty good speed, if XCB is even faster then it should be more than enough speed for what I need :)
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