[Xcb] GSoC 2009: XKB and XI2 support

Peter Harris pharris at opentext.com
Thu Oct 8 11:20:54 PDT 2009

Peter Harris wrote:
> Mariusz Ceier wrote:
>> done
> Thanks!

I notice that some field names are re-used. For example, "groupNames" in

It might be worth a note in the <switch><bitcase> docs about the fact
that bitcase fields are not included in the parent structure, but in
their own substructure.

A few more typos:

SelectEvents/BellNotify: affectBell and bellDetails reference
BellDetail, but it isn't defined anywhere.

SelectEvents, the 2nd bitcase references NewStateNotify, which isn't
defined anywhere. Typo for StateNotify?

SetMap, the first bitcase references KeySymbols, which isn't defined
anywhere. Typo for KeySyms?

SetNames, the 3rd bitcase references PhySymbols, which isn't defined
anywhere. Typo for PhysSymbols? Same in GetNames reply. Same in

GetKbdByName reply, the 5th bitcase references IndicatorMap, which isn't
defined anywhere. Typo for IndicatorMaps?

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