[Xcb] [Bug 16420] Freeze in _xcb_in_read_block during select()

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--- Comment #8 from Jamey Sharp <jamey at minilop.net>  2009-10-09 11:10:53 PST ---
I can't actually believe this was ever an XCB bug. The strace output posted on
the launchpad bug shows that it was waiting for the connection setup response
from the X server, and if that never arrived, it's hard to imagine how it could
be XCB's fault.

I could believe, though, that two instances of dbus-launch somehow deadlocked
against each other. Perhaps one calls XGrabServer, then waits for the other one
to finish connecting to the X server?

The fix that Ubuntu seems to have settled on, if I'm reading the launchpad bug
correctly, is to ensure that there aren't two dbus-launch instances racing each
other. That seems plausible to me.

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