[Xcb] [Intel-gfx] Replacing cargo-culted Xlib DRI2 protocol with XCB.

Ian Romanick idr at freedesktop.org
Fri Oct 16 16:40:53 PDT 2009

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Eric Anholt wrote:
> All over the place people have copied XF86DRI protocol stuff because people
> never made an Xlib library for it.  This is happening again with DRI2.
> I'd like to cut that off now by converting them to XCB, so I threw together
> this patch series.  It's not really tested because XVMC is broken
> in 2/3 apps using it it seems, and the other one (mythtv) is a mess
> to configure.
> So, could the XCB folks review it to see if what I've done is sane (in
> particular the struct for the GetBuffersWithFormat req which doesn't have an
> equivalent in the xlib code, and the use of the reply strings in the XVMC
> code)?  And Intel folks, do we see any issue with depending on XCB for this?

We had talked about this a XDC, and I strongly support it.
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