[Xcb] [Bug 4232] xlsclients much too slow over network

Peter Harris pharris at opentext.com
Wed Sep 2 08:49:08 PDT 2009

Barton C Massey wrote:
> In message <20090902004224.547D813005A at annarchy.freedesktop.org> you wrote:
>> Could you please try the attached XCB conversion of
>> xlsclients.c? I'm curious to know how much it helps your
>> case.
> You beat me to it---*very* quick and cool.

Thanks. It looked like a fun project, and something that wouldn't take
more than a day. I'm glad to see I was right (although it was a near thing).

>  I'll be curious
> to see how it works out also.  Thanks much for this work,
> Peter!

Some notes on this implementation:

 - I forgot to mention that if trying to build inside the xlsclients
tree, you have to manually modify the Makefile to include at least
-lxcb-atom (from xcb/util).

 - If I calculate it correctly, this version should operate in roughly
(deepest_window_tree + 1) round trips. The previous version used roughly
((average_tree_depth * average_tree_width * 2 + number_of_atoms) *
number_of_toplevel_windows) round trips. Where number_of_atoms is 2 by
default (5 when the -l "verbose" switch is given), and "tree depth"
excludes windows below any window with WM_STATE set.

 - Most of those round-trips were spent in XmuClientWindow, and most of
the rewrite was open-coding XmuClientWindow so it could be run in parallel.

 - This version uses more RAM -- when you have multiple requests in
flight, you have to keep track of them. I haven't measured to see how
much more RAM is used; it should be a trivial amount on modern machines,
but it might matter for people doing embedded work (Nokia N800 or similar?).

 - This version uses more bandwidth. This is an intentional trade-off in
order to reduce the number of round-trips. For example, this version
issues query_tree in parallel with get_property(WM_STATE), and then
throws the subtree away if the window does turn out to have a WM_STATE

 - Unlike the original, it doesn't try to print the WM_COMMAND property
from the root window. There shouldn't be one there anyway. "Fix"ing this
would require eating an extra round-trip (to wait for the atom), or
doing something ugly to the code (to ask for the root window properties
after the atom arrives).

 - Even on my local box (a dual P3-Xeon), this version is much faster
(~30ms, vs ~200ms for the original code). I see similar times across a
100Mbit wired network.

 - Code review welcome. Certainly someone else should have a critical
look at it (and maybe even fix the TODO bits) before this goes upstream.

Left as an exercise for the reader:
 - Issue WM_COMMAND (and friends) property requests in parallel with
walking the tree. Should save one (1) round-trip, at the cost of even
more wasted bandwidth.
 - Shrink the string property request limits from 1MB (default lifted
from Xlib) to something more sensible (1kB, maybe? 100 bytes?).
 - Re-implement strnlen for people who have only ISO C.
 - Replace XDisplayName (with xcb_parse_display?) to remove the need to
link with Xlib.
 - Optionally operate in near-synchronous mode, which would reduce peak
memory usage at the cost of extra round trips.
 - autofoo

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