[Xcb] [Bug 4232] xlsclients much too slow over network

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Wed Sep 2 11:53:30 PDT 2009


--- Comment #6 from Ian! D. Allen <idallen at idallen.ca>  2009-09-02 11:53:29 PST ---
Peter Harris wrote:
> Could you please try the attached XCB conversion of xlsclients.c?

Yes, that new XCB version fixes the huge delay:

time ./xlsclients  | wc
      17     126    1566

  real    0m1.823s
  user    0m0.000s
  sys     0m0.008s

Only 49 "select" syscalls instead of over a thousand, and less than two
seconds of elapsed time instead of 60+ seconds.  That works.

When can this version of xlsclients be made mainstream?

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