[Xcb] [Bug 4232] xlsclients much too slow over network

Alan Coopersmith Alan.Coopersmith at Sun.COM
Wed Sep 2 15:55:44 PDT 2009

Peter Harris wrote:
> Barton C Massey wrote:
>> In message <20090902004224.547D813005A at annarchy.freedesktop.org> you wrote:
>>> Could you please try the attached XCB conversion of
>>> xlsclients.c? I'm curious to know how much it helps your
>>> case.
>> You beat me to it---*very* quick and cool.
> Thanks. It looked like a fun project, and something that wouldn't take
> more than a day. I'm glad to see I was right (although it was a near thing).

Much faster than I expected to see it after throwing the suggestion into
the long neglected bug report - thanks again.

>  - Most of those round-trips were spent in XmuClientWindow, and most of
> the rewrite was open-coding XmuClientWindow so it could be run in parallel.

Since there were enough callers in the old world to make an 
XmuClientWindow useful, does that suggest this should become
a shared utility function in something like xcb-util?

> Left as an exercise for the reader:
>  - autofoo

While some might like to see configure have an --enable-xcb option and
#ifdefs between the old and new code, I think it would be just as 
acceptable to use git branches to choose between libX11 & libxcb - make
a xlsclients-1.0-branch for people who need to continue using the libX11
code (who can continue making new 1.0.x releases of it until they're
ready to switch) and then make xcb-only code become xlsclients 1.1 or

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