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Wed Apr 14 09:15:13 PDT 2010

library shipped by openSUSE tries to use xcb_xlib_lock, then that
library has a bug and needs fixing; please report a bug on that library,
and also let us know so we can remember it as a known issue.  If you
find that the *application* tried to use xcb_xlib_lock, then that
application has a bug; in that case, please post the output of "ldd
/path/to/application" and "nm -D /path/to/application | grep xcb" so we
can help track down why.

In any case, thanks for your report, and for your patience in dealing
with an odd issue.  XCB, like many core libraries, often doesn't get
noticed by users until something goes wrong that involves it in some
way.  At least in our case, we've gone to a lot of effort to make sure
that doesn't happen, and in the cases where it does, it often represents
a bug in something other than XCB.  We hope discovering XCB in this way
doesn't give you a bad first impression of it. :)

- Josh Triplett

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