[Xcb] Splitting up xcb-util repository

Arnaud Fontaine arnaud at andesi.org
Tue Aug 10 02:09:04 PDT 2010


I have almost finished to split up xcb-util repositories (finally...). I
have prepared  patches for xorg-util-macros[0][1], if the  new M4 macros
are  not general  enough to  be part  of xorg-util-macros,  I  will just
create a  Git submodule for  them.  As you  will notice, there  is still
cleanup to do in the code but I would like to get some feedbacks before.

Here is the Git repository for event, aux and atom (util):

  Remaining things to do:

  + atom
    - Remove all the deprecated stuff (atoms now defined in xproto).
      - Atoms.
      - xcb_atom_get_*predefined()
      - xcb_atom_get_fast*()
    - Remove xcb_atom_get() which is synchronous and not really useful.
    - Remove xcb_atom_get_name() which is not really useful IMO.

Here is the Git repository for icccm and ewmh (util-wm):

  Remaining things to do:

  + icccm
    - Rename  functions   to  xcb_icccm_OLD_NAME  (rationale:   all  the
      libraries in xcb-util are prefixed according to their purpose, but
      not icccm, so  I do think it's time to  change that while xcb-util
      isn't still widely used).
  + ewmh
  + Create a  header xcb_wmh.h which contains all  the data types common
    to icccm and ewmh.

Here is the Git repository for renderutil (util-renderutil):

Here is the Git repository for image (util-image):

Here is the Git repository for keysyms (util-keysyms):

Instead of including AX_COMPARE_VERSION  in acinclude.m4, I just wrote a
test  to  check  whether  this  macro is  available  in  aclocal  search
path. While it's not a  problem for Debian-based distribution, where the
macro is provided  in autoconf-archive package, I'm unsure  of the other
OS though.

Also, I call XORG_STRICT_VERSION which in turns call AC_PROG_CC_C99, any
problem with that?

Arnaud Fontaine (arnau)

[0] http://cgit.freedesktop.org/~arnau/xorg-util-macros/commit/?id=28c561b3dd5729ffa511cfb3727dfff36477d80a
[1] http://cgit.freedesktop.org/~arnau/xorg-util-macros/commit/?id=309b691da4d7a3c7e72f1b8a71c1fc18a7039cea

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