[Xcb] Splitting up xcb-util repository

Arnaud Fontaine arnaud at andesi.org
Wed Aug 11 05:48:40 PDT 2010


    > The name util-common-m4 suggest it would be limited to macros. You
    > may just as well use this repo for any type of reusable code. This
    > could be specific C routines, documentation template (sytle sheet)
    > common  error messages, etc...  Anything that is xcb  reusable and
    > very unlikely to change over time. Set a .pc file for that repo so
    > you can manage version and obtain path.

I meant  that I would use Git  submodule, so when you  clone util-wm for
instance, it would automatically check out util-common-m4 too and import
it into util-wm top-level directory  as m4/.  Therefore, there would not
be a  separate module strictly speaking  and no need of  versioning or a
.pc file.

In fact, IMO, it would overkill to have a separate module (rather than a
Git submodule), because besides of m4 macros, there are only files which
are unlikely to change very often (namely, autogen.sh, Doxyfile, gendoc,
and  two C  macros in  xcb-util-common.h (only  used for  util/event and

    > Will  the new  repo be under  the xcb  path like xcb/util  and the
    > likes?   Bottom line it would  be helpful to have  an "xcb" string
    > somewhere in  the path or name to identify it  as being related to
    > xcb.

Yes it would be under the xcb path.

    > These are just personal comments from an outsider...

Indeed, they are greatly appreciated, thanks for your comments!

Arnaud Fontaine (arnau)

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