[Xcb] Qtile ported to xpyb

Aldo Cortesi aldo at nullcube.com
Thu Aug 12 01:53:18 PDT 2010

Thus spake Julien Danjou (julien at danjou.info):

> >I'm happy to announce that Qtile - a small, hackable experimental
> >Python window manager - has been ported from Xlib to xpyb. This
> >has also allowed me to move Qtile's widget rendering entirely to
> >Cairo using the new pycairo/xpyb integration. Qtile's feature set
> >is minimal at the moment, but I have a lot planned for the coming
> >months.
> I'm glad to hear that.
> Is there anything missing to use pango on top of cairo in Python?
> That'd be a real plus for qtile, IMHO.

I've started taking a look at that - for now, I just need very simple
text layouts, so I'm using the "toy" Cairo interface. 

> >Many thanks to Eamon for xpyb, and to Julian for making the
> >xpyb/pycairo integration work!
> I'm glad to hear that too. I'm always happy to help concurrent
> window manager project in their world domination plan.
> Wait… What!?

That's very nice of you - I wouldn't help a guy along if he mis-spelled
my name like that. 


Eldo ;-)

Aldo Cortesi
+64 210 718 900

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