[Xcb] [Bug 29599] hang in xcb_request_check() due to expecting a reply on void request

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Wed Aug 18 14:23:38 PDT 2010


--- Comment #4 from Havoc Pennington <hp at pobox.com> 2010-08-18 14:23:37 PDT ---
That still hangs in my test, in the backtrace looking at the connection struct,
gdb shows
 request_expected = 17161, request_read = 17160, request_completed = 17159

At this point we are blocking for 17160 and stuck.

A theory on this is that request_expected was < 17160 going into
xcb_request_check, so we didn't GetInputFocus. Then we had sent some other void
request, which resulted in an event with sequence 17161 while we were spinning
in xcb_wait_for_reply(). This is too late to trigger the GetInputFocus.

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