[Xcb] Hello xcblist.

Chris Highjinks at gmx.com
Wed Feb 3 21:24:33 PST 2010

Since this is my first post to this list, I though I should introduce myself..

I've been programming, on and off, since 1995. Started with Assmebler/C, then Ada, with a smattering of some other languages(Forth, Esterel, etc...)

Recently I've picked up Modula-3, and decided to do an XCB binding for it. Looks like the best course of action would be to autogenerate the binding using the XML schema in the repository.
Unfortunately my skills at parsing XML are nonexistent, for the moment. Nonetheless, this looks like something I could pick up in short order.

Should I write my own parser? Extend the ones in the repository? Would the XCB team welcome an M3 binding?

Any tips on where I should get started?

Chris <Highjinks at gmx.com>

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