[Xcb] New xcb composite manager

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Thu Feb 4 13:25:25 PST 2010

Cool!  Thanks much for the note.


In message <8bc318cfc1927510dfaf3cf2f169167b at localhost> you wrote:
> During the past weeks I coded a composite manager with a couple of plugins
> as part of an exam.
> It's a simple, buggy composite manager written using xcb. It works on my
> X.org X Server 1.6.5, with my xf86-video-ati and openbox wm with many
> limitations. Not tested elsewhere. I'm publishing the code hoping it might
> be useful.
> The code and some more description are available at
> http://comick.playlinux.net/dokuwiki/finalwm

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