[Xcb] [Bug 26511] Assertion while calling XPending() (xcb_io.c:242)

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Wed Feb 10 09:07:30 PST 2010


--- Comment #3 from Leonardo Chiquitto <leonardo at ngdn.org>  2010-02-10 09:07:29 PST ---
> I can't seem to reproduce this between Debian sid powerpc/amd64 machines. What
> versions of xserver, XCB and libX11 are you using?

On the powerpc machine:


On the x86_64 machine:


Something that might be relevant: here, the x86_64 machine is a laptop. If I'm
running on AC power and disconnect the cable, the browsers will die
immediately. Although this is a way to trigger the problem "at will", I have to
mention that it also happens during regular use and is not dependent on the
laptop being on AC or battery.

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