[Xcb] cursorfont definitions for XCB?

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Mon Jun 7 23:46:54 PDT 2010

(Your email was mime-encoded, so I won't try to quote it

I've wondered whether XC_shuttle was a literal space
I've always suspected it to be related to the UI control
known as a "shuttle" that acts as a sort of rotating
physical scrollbar for video or audio.  It might make sense
to have a special cursor for a software shuttle control.

How many of the X cursor font glyphs are mappable to
something in Unicode?  It might conceivably be nice to
produce a version of the cursor font for modern apps that
mapped just those glyphs that aren't in Unicode to the
Unicode user-defined space.  For example, this would make it
easier to write documentation with cursor glyphs in it.


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