[Xcb] [Bug 28526] New: sockname leaked in _xcb_get_auth_info

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Sun Jun 13 11:03:21 PDT 2010


           Summary: sockname leaked in _xcb_get_auth_info
           Product: XCB
           Version: unspecified
          Platform: Other
        OS/Version: Solaris
            Status: NEW
          Severity: minor
          Priority: medium
         Component: Library
        AssignedTo: xcb at lists.freedesktop.org
        ReportedBy: alan.coopersmith at oracle.com
         QAContact: xcb at lists.freedesktop.org

Building from git commit 3f79628becbd3b0eff1aef804902eb739fac4403
our leak checker found a memory leak of sockname in _xcb_get_auth_info()

Stepping through in the debugger I can see this happening:

  302       if ((sockname = get_peer_sock_name(getpeername, fd)) == NULL)

returns a newly allocated pointer for sockname, but doesn't set gotsockname.
(gotsockname is only set in the == NULL case, which I don't understand.)

We then use that pointer to get the authptr:

(dbx) n
stopped in _xcb_get_auth_info at line 314 in file "xcb_auth.c"
  314       authptr = get_authptr(sockname, display);
(dbx) n
stopped in _xcb_get_auth_info at line 315 in file "xcb_auth.c"
  315       if (authptr == 0)
(dbx) n
stopped in _xcb_get_auth_info at line 321 in file "xcb_auth.c"
  321       info->namelen = memdup(&info->name, authptr->name,
(dbx) n
stopped in _xcb_get_auth_info at line 322 in file "xcb_auth.c"
  322       if (!info->namelen)
(dbx) print sockname
sockname = 0x806c618
(dbx) n
stopped in _xcb_get_auth_info at line 325 in file "xcb_auth.c"
  325       if (!gotsockname && (sockname = get_peer_sock_name(getsockname,
fd)) == NULL)
(dbx) print gotsockname
gotsockname = 0
(dbx) n      
stopped in _xcb_get_auth_info at line 331 in file "xcb_auth.c"
  331       ret = compute_auth(info, authptr, sockname);
(dbx) print sockname
sockname = 0x806e878

So at 325 we overwrote sockname, leaking the old pointer.

I don't quite understand the code here, so I'm not sure if the correct fix
is setting gotsockname = 1 in a new else clause for the if clause at 302 or
simply free(sockname) before overwriting it at 325.

This isn't a big leak - just 124 bytes when opening a connection to the server,
which most programs only do once.

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