[Xcb] More pthread stubs.

M Joonas Pihlaja jpihlaja at cc.helsinki.fi
Tue Jun 22 06:08:45 PDT 2010

On Sun, 30 May 2010, Jamey Sharp wrote:

> > Bump.  Did I still need to send a patch to add the mutexattr lines to
> > the list of stubs?
> Yeah, as far as I can tell I was waiting for a zero-stub version of
> the mutexattr setters instead of the more complete implementation you
> posted. (That sounds so backwards but it's true...)

Okay, I've pushed three patches to the queue branch here:


Please review!

The other thing I wanted to point out is that "make distcheck" no 
longer works for me.  The problem is as far as I can tell Julien's 
824b3cdc "Generate stubs.c via Makefile".  It provokes the following 
behaviour:  now that stubs.c actually has to be made now due to the 
missing mutexattr stubs in my libc, automake's flakyness shows up 
because distcheck no longer knows *how* to make stubs.c from 
stubs.c.m4.  The rule in the Makefile.am simply does not propagate 

As a workaround I'd revert back to creating stubs.c at autogen.sh time 
and simply not care about dependency tracking.  In a larger project 
perhaps we could invest time in fixing automake or whatever, but for 
the size that pthread-stubs is, I'm not sure that's warranted.



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