[Xcb] Carbon, the new xcb based terminal emulator.

Barton C Massey bart at cs.pdx.edu
Thu Mar 11 18:32:42 PST 2010

In message <9d096c8d1003111621s3b0e7a61uae0a41d16cd4038e at mail.gmail.com> you wrote:
> Sure it doesn't do unicode, but its simple and fast. Why
> complicate things with pango?

Because people care less and less about speed and simplicity
(now that computers and networks are scary fast and big) and
more and more about Unicode.

I use all kinds of weird Unicode in my terminal emulator on
a pretty regular basis, including code points outside the
BMP and layout and compositing code points.  I switched to
gnome-terminal a long time ago precisely to get a
Pango-based emulator.  I would happily try switching to
yours if it became Pango-ized, because there are things
about gnome-terminal I'm not entirely fond of.

Of course, many (most?) users are still perfectly happy with
Latin-1.  But I expect fewer and fewer as time goes on.

Anyhow, we're pretty far afield of the XCB list.  I'll
invoke Godwin's Law, the way Hitler would have done, and
close the debate.

Thanks much for letting us know about Carbon!  I hope Apple
doesn't C&D you on the name! :-)  Really great to meet you.


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