[Xcb] Where do I find the xcb_keysym_t and modifier value constants?

Arnaud Fontaine arnaud at andesi.org
Sun Mar 21 07:17:52 PDT 2010

>>>>> Nicholas Allen <nick.allen at onlinehome.de> writes:


    > Hi, The only part left to  do in my conversion from xlib to xcb is
    > looking up the keysym  constants. Xlib has the X11/keysym.h header
    > file where  the values are defined. Should I  be using this header
    > or does xcb have its own version of this?

For   now,  you   should   use  this   header   as  there   is  no   XCB
equivalent. However, I'm currently working  on the keyboard code even if
it's    not    moving    forward    quickly   as    I'm    quite    busy
unfortunately. Remember  that XCB keyboard support is  really basic ATM,
no XKB and XLookupString equivalents for example.

Today, I will publish a draft of the keyboard status in XCB, in the hope
that there will  be some GSoC students interested  in writing a proposal
to implement all the missing bits for keyboard.

    > Also, the modifier  constants (eg ShiftMask, ControlMask etc) were
    > defined  in X11/X.h.  It seems excessive  to me to  introduce this
    > header file just for these  constants. I would prefer to make sure
    >  I   don't  use   any  Xlib  functions   by  not   including  this
    >  header. However,  I couldn't  find  the xcb  equivalent of  these
    > constants anywhere.

Besides of  including X11/keysym.h, you  should not have to  include any
other Xlib headers. ShiftMask and  ControlMask for instance are parts of
the  X Window  System Protocol,  and therefore  defined  in xcb/xcb.h[0]
(such as XCB_MOD_MASK_SHIFT and XCB_MOD_MASK_CONTROL). You might also be
interested  in  xcb-util/keysym[1]  which provides  Xlib-like  utilities

Hope that helps.


[0] http://xcb.freedesktop.org/manual/group__XCB____API.html
[1] http://cgit.freedesktop.org/xcb/util/tree/keysyms

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