[Xcb] About next release of xcb/util

Mikhail Gusarov dottedmag at dottedmag.net
Wed Mar 24 01:00:59 PDT 2010

Twas brillig at 00:44:50 24.03.2010 UTC-07 when josh at joshtriplett.org did gyre and gimble:

 JT> Sounds awesome.  Can you tell us what device?  We always enjoy
 JT> hearing about fun gadgets, particularly when they run our
 JT> software. :)

http://wiki.mobileread.com/wiki/Hanlin_V3 and
http://wiki.mobileread.com/wiki/N516 -- more to come as part of

 JT> To answer part of your question: each shared library has a certain
 JT> overhead, and for a sufficiently short-running program with
 JT> sufficiently many libraries, this overhead becomes noticeable.

 JT> You can overcome some of this cost by prelinking at firmware build
 JT> time, or at install time if you allow upgrades other than full
 JT> firmware flashes.  However, prelinking introduces other fun
 JT> problems.

Yeah, I digged into it.

 JT> Any details on the kind of performance issues you have experienced,
 JT> more specifically?

It could easily take up to 3 seconds on Hanlin V3 just to load shared
libraries for some complex app, such as FBReader (and memory usage
suffers too): http://dumpz.org/17951/

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