[Xcb] xcb_wait_for_reply deadlocking with xcb_property_changed call

Josh Triplett josh at joshtriplett.org
Fri Mar 26 16:54:15 PDT 2010

On Fri, Mar 26, 2010 at 02:23:30PM -0700, Josh Triplett wrote:
> xcb_wait_for_reply could flush, but it shouldn't; that would force
> performance degredation on code that doesn't actually need a flush.  For
> example, you might send N requests, flush, send M requests, and then
> wait for a reply from one of the N requests; you don't need to flush
> again before doing that.

Correction: Jamey just reminded me that xcb_wait_for_reply *does* flush
if you ask it to wait on the response for a request XCB hasn't sent yet.

- Josh Triplett

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