[Xcb] xcb_wait_for_reply deadlocking with xcb_property_changed call

Nicholas Allen nick.allen at onlinehome.de
Sun Mar 28 05:28:35 PDT 2010

Ok I'll try and get that to you today. Just installing all the debug
packages now. I've tried to reproduce with a simple C program but still
had no luck ;-(

Does XCB have a bug database somewhere where I can attach all this stuff
or should I just send it to this mailing list?


> Can you get a wire protocol trace from a session that hangs? With
> xtrace, Wireshark, whatever.
> Also, can you "thread apply all bt full" in gdb once it hangs and send
> us that output? It'll help a lot if you have debugging symbols
> available for libxcb; on Debian systems, those are in the libxcb1-dbg
> package.
> As always, the most helpful thing would be a minimal C test case
> demonstrating the bug, but hopefully the protocol trace and the stack
> traces will be enough to start forming hypotheses about what's wrong.
> Jamey

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