[Xcb] Fields that are referenced but not defined in protocol descriptions

Andrew Oakley andrew at ado.is-a-geek.net
Sun Mar 28 08:49:45 PDT 2010

I've come across a few place where there is something like this in the
xml protocol descriptions:

>         <request name="QueryOutputProperty" opcode="11">
>                 <field type="OUTPUT" name="output" />
>                 <field type="ATOM" name="property" />
>                 <reply>
>                         <pad bytes="1" />
>                         <field type="BOOL" name="pending" />
>                         <field type="BOOL" name="range" />
>                         <field type="BOOL" name="immutable" />
>                         <pad bytes="21" />
>                         <list type="INT32" name="validValues">
>                                 <fieldref>length</fieldref>
>                         </list>
>                 </reply>
>         </request>

A field called length is referenced but does not appear elsewhere in the
structure.  The python scripts seem to add the relevant member, but this
doesn't seem right to me - its not clear where the extra member should
go or what data type it should have.

Is this intentional?  Are there some rules documented anywhere about how
this must be handled?  If its not intentional it should be easy enough
to write a script to find any cases like this.

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