[Xcb] Splitting up xcb-util repository

Arnaud Fontaine arnaud at andesi.org
Fri Sep 3 20:36:50 PDT 2010


I have  finally created  a git  repository for M4  macros common  to all
xcb-util libraries[0]  (namely util-common-m4), which  is then available
in all xcb-util repository[1] as a git submodule.

I have finally decided  to ship the macro to check for  -I option for m4
within util-common-m4.

Vincent: your  arguments are  sensible but well,  I think that  might be
inconvenient to  require a version  of Autoconf released only  two years
ago (in some cases, I think it might be useful for developers to be able
to build  from git on  an OS  with an old  version of Autoconf...  but I
might just be too fuzzy ;)). Thanks for the feedback!

Gaetan: if the macro appears to be useful for other Xorg packages in the
future,   maybe  we   can  just   commit  the   one  not   relying  upon
AC_PATH_PROGS_FEATURE_CHECK, but for  now, I do think we  can keep it as
part of util-common-m4. Thanks for the reviews and feedbacks!

Before working  on the remaining  things described in my  previous email
(e.g. essentially  cleanup), if  anyone could have  a quick look  at it,
that would definitely  help. I will do the cleanup  during the next week


[0] http://git.mini-dweeb.org/?p=arnau/xcb-util-split/xcb/util-common-m4.git;a=summary
[1] http://git.mini-dweeb.org/

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