[Xcb] calling WSAStartup() on Windows

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Mon Apr 18 03:33:45 PDT 2011

One of the references to when this was last discussed is at

I think Jamey had commented on this too...I had this part of xcb_open_tcp
(if I have the name right) as I remember. However as the thread (and a few
others too) suggested I went ahead and took this out of the scope of xcb and
left it to the caller to address. We can reimplement this if it falls more
in line with how xcb handles things :)

On Mon, Apr 18, 2011 at 2:41 PM, Vincent Torri <vtorri at univ-evry.fr> wrote:

> On Mon, 18 Apr 2011, jeetu.golani at gmail.com wrote:
>  Hello Vincent,
>> As per what I remember it had been decided that this should be left to the
>> calling program to do rather than make it part of libxcb. If I remember
>> correctly I had an initWSA function as part of my libxcb port and as per
>> recommendations from other developers I had taken it off and we decided
>> that
>> WSA init and cleanup be done in the program using libxcb. Thread should be
>> in archives somewhere.
> well, there still can be some workaround:
> adding a xcb_win32_init() function. This is an API addition, which makes
> the write of XCB-based progs consistent with the XCB API
> Or we can add 1 member for the xcb_connection_t structure (which is
> available on Windows only, so no ABI break on non-windows platform)
>  unsigned char wsa_is_init; /* set to 1 is wsa is alread init */
> we init WSA on the connection creation if not alread init. And when we
> close the connection, we call WSACleanup() is init.
> Vincent
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