[Xcb] planning to remove xprint, libxprintutil and related packages

Drew Parsons dparsons at debian.org
Thu Apr 21 05:15:03 PDT 2011

Xprint has been obsolete for some time now, and it's time to let it go
to rest.  It was originally useful as a solution for printing non-latin
webpages from iceweasel 2, but that firefox problem has been fixed since
iceweasel 3 was released using cairo.

Xprint provided a kind a "wysiwig" API by which you could print from an
app using the normal X11 API. Maybe that should be "wypiwys" "what you
program is what you see". Displaying "on paper" instead of "on screen",
as it were.  Today that kind of functionality is better programmed
through cairo.

I'm planning to schedule xprint for removal shortly but wanted to give
this notification in case any odd individuals are still finding use for
it.  Though they should have already noticed the message in the version
in squeeze that it was obsolete :)  Actually I'm expecting more a
response of indifferent cheers than cries of dismay...

The xprint family of packages lined up for removal is:
xprint             xprint-common
libxprintutil1     libxprintutil-dev
libxprintapputil1  libxprintapputil-dev
libxfontp1         libxfontp-dev          libxfontp1-dbg

While animosity has been directed towards the xprint package, leaving
the other packages sitting quietly minding their own business, I don't
think it really makes sense to keep shipping the libxprint libraries if
there is no xprint. Please speak up if you think libxprint* or
xprint-utils should stay anyway.

libxp6 and libxp-dev are in a different position. I don't think it
particularly makes sense to keep them either, same as libxprint*, but
they have a bundle of reverse depends:
libxp-dev: lesstif2-dev libcoin60-dev  libecore-dev  gromacs-dev
libxp6: arb ddd dx fop grace gridengine-qmon lesstif-bin lesstif2 libdx4
libdx4 libecore-x1 libmotif-dev libmotif4 libxbae4 libxp-dev libxp6-dbg
motif-clients mtink twpsk whitedune xastir xtel 
So I'll put libxp into the too-hard basket now and won't touch it.

cc: iceweasel maintainers: please drop the iceweasel suggests on xprint

cc: xcb maintainers: should you keep libxcb-xprint0 ? Do we need to talk
about this? libxcb-xprint0 has no relation (in a packaging sense) to


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