[Xcb] [ANNOUNCE] xcb-util-wm 0.3.8

Arnaud Fontaine arnaud at andesi.org
Mon Apr 25 10:13:45 PDT 2011

xcb-util-wm 0.3.8 is now available.

git tag 0.3.8

* Changelog
Alan Coopersmith (3):
      Make xcb_icccm.h use the same type as icccm.c for gravity parameter
      Fix typos in various header comments
      Close leak in xcb_get_text_property_reply when reply->type == XCB_NONE

Arnaud Fontaine (53):
      icccm: atoms previously defined in xcb_atom are now defined in xproto
      Add AM_MAINTAINER_MODE for vendors
      xcb_get_text_property_reply() reply type could be XCB_NONE if the property is not present
      icccm: add missing setters for WM_CLASS and WM_TRANSIENT_FOR properties
      icccm: allow to set the encoding format for TEXT properties
      icccm: add WM_COLORMAP_WINDOWS
      icccm: fix inconsistency in prototypes of WM_PROTOCOLS setters
      Add xcb-util/ewmh library
      Allow per-connection EWMH information
      Add missing return values
      Clean up
      Clean up and add missing protypes
      Fix ClientMessage invalid data
      Get rid of unreadable shift in DO_REPLY_LIST_VALUES_ATOM
      Remove a macro in favor of inline functions
      Use countof() instead of the length value directly
      Remove UTF8 reply macro in favor of inline functions
      Use countof when possible
      Use countof when possible
      Add missing _NET_WM_HANDLED_ICONS
      Use countof when possible and fix WM_SYNC_REQUEST_COUNTER
      Use sizeof() instead of plain integer
      Fix indentation and untabify
      Atoms previously defined in xcb_atom are now defined in xproto
      Fix indentation and change email address
      xcb_ewmh_send_client_message: use memcpy() instead of a loop and make data_len the length in bytes
      Fix compiler warning by casting the value to uint64_t before the shift
      Replace all the ugly if statements with a loop
      Make code generated by m4 more readable
      Fix typos on _NET_WM_SYNC_REQUEST_COUNTER functions and add it in the Atoms list
      Remove useless const
      A given connection may have several screens associated
      xcb_ewmh_send_client_message: check whether the data fit the ClientMessage
      xcb_ewmh_init_atoms: use xcb_setup_roots_length()
      xcb_ewmh_init_atoms: don't use VLA for wm_cm_sn declaration
      xcb_ewmh_get_wm_name_reply should have always been static
      Add missing inclusion of stdlib.h in EWMH header
      Rename time function parameter to xtime in to avoid clash with time.h
      Split up icccm and ewmh into their own repository
      Prefix all ICCCM public functions, types and macros by 'icccm'.
      Bump version to 0.3.8
      Add ewmh/ewmh.c and ewmh/xcb_ewmh.h to .gitignore as they are generated with m4
      Check more carefully the reply of a _NET_WM_ICON which may contains several icons
      Fix unintialized variable for the number of icons
      Fix setters for _NET_WM_ICON to allow more than one icon.
      Untabify for consistency.
      Fix package name
      Release 0.3.8

Dirk Wallenstein (1):
      Use an absolute URL for the m4 submodule

Gaetan Nadon (2):
      config: use the default xorg .gitignore file
      config: generate ChangeLog and INSTALL

Jamey Sharp (2):
      icccm does not depend on xcb-proto, only generated headers in xcb.
      Delete callback-based APIs for events, properties, and replies.

Jon TURNEY (2):
      Update autogen.sh to one that does builddir != srcdir
      Link with -no-undefined

Julien Danjou (1):
      icccm: fix reply->format check

Peter Harris (2):
      Validate size of wm_hints and wm_size_hints
      Ensure get_wm_class_from_reply returns a valid C-string

Uli Schlachter (3):
      _NET_WM_ICON: Fix the length check
      xcb_ewmh_get_wm_icon_reply: Fix crash on error
      Return more icons from _NET_WM_ICON

* Download
md5: 5a6c17935e44c52a00af7d4355a88650
sha1: a7b1f0a736b098fb5244f5236d16db63859ab2f2

md5: dda47289bc846a6a3e07824e9ec3aef8
sha1: e7684921870a62c9e4f53ff8376a468206dc977f

Arnaud Fontaine
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