[Xcb] XCB documentation effort status + TODO

Michael Stapelberg michael+xcb at stapelberg.de
Sat Dec 3 08:01:02 PST 2011


I extended c_client.py to generate manpages for events. Also, it populates the
doxygen documentation with the documentation from <doc> blocks. A few events
are documented, the resulting manpages are in the 'pregenerated' git
repository. I will continue documenting events tomorrow. Any help is welcome.

I have identified the following TODO items:
1) Continue documenting the events
2) Document the reply datastructure fields
3) Document the reply values for functions (checked vs. unchecked)
4) Add a generic manpage for examples/replies/other API specific things.
5) Update doc/ in xcb-proto
6) Update the XML specification
7) Cleanup the generator code in c_client.py

Is anything missing in this list? Can we merge my work after the list is done?
I am aware that not everything is documented, but it’s a good start.

Best regards,

BTW: URLs to the github repositories:

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