[Xcb] Multithreading issues with libX11 / XCB

Bub Thomas Thomas.Bub at precision-mechatronics.com
Wed Dec 7 05:57:38 PST 2011


It seems to work perfectly! 
I started extensive testing today.

I had my problems in compliling the git sources in the tree because of some python error messages.
So I copied the src directory fromt the git tree on top of the libxcb-1.7 tree and compiled it which worked for me 

When will this fix be released?
I know you guys are talking about this a lot.

How can I promote this patch and/or the new version to be integrated into the official Suse releases?

Thomas Bub

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On 2011-12-06 09:09, Bub Thomas wrote:
> I'm having trouble with multithreaded on libX11 XCB.

> The application locks up with the main thread in the
> xcb_wait_for_event called from _XReadEvents and the drawing thread in
> xcb_wait_for_reply called from_XReply.

This bug was fixed very recently on the xcb master branch. Please try
libxcb from git.



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