[Xcb] [Bug 27945] With xorg-server-1.7.6, Xnest doesn't run, failing in xcb "assertion"

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Full backtrace

`XkbGetKeyboardByName' seems to be the culprit, both in Xnest and

In xnest, in the function xnestKeyboardProc() in hw/xnest/Keyboard.c,
XkbGetKeyboard is called, and it returns NULL. Then immediately jump to
"XkbError:" with goto, and XGetKeyboardControl() is called, then it
breaks. Below I pasted the "bt full" result for both function calls.
(XkbGetKeyboard is a wrapper for XkbGetKeyboardByName.)

In OpenOffice too, XkbGetKeyboardByName seems to trigger the failure.
Within the (seemingly) next 1-3 calls of xlib functions after
XkbGetKeyboardByName, it crashes. More precisely, I set _XReply as a
breakpoint after the first call of XkbGetKeyboardByName, and it happens
after first several calls of _XReply.

What can I do to investigate more? I'd appreciate any help / suggestion.

With best regards.

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