[Xcb] [Bug 22082] X Application hangs randomly, has reproduce step

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--- Comment #9 from xp at kedacom <xu_ping at kedacom.com> 2011-01-26 23:33:09 PST ---
Thanks for your response. Actually, I'm a colleague of Mr.Zeng Zhaoming, and
now I'm charging in this bug.

We compiled X components ourselves:
x-server: 1.6.1
Xlib: 1.1.2
libxcb: 1.3
mesa: 7.7.1
intel_driver: 2.7.99

I know maybe it's hard to find out the exact cause of this bug. However, with
those infomations up, I think xserver send a "BadRegion" to client, then the
client does exit() in handling XError. The BadRegion error is generated in
ProcDRI2CopyRegion() in xserver, and I don't know why.

Need your help, thx!

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