[Xcb] [SOLVED] Re: XCB problems with ICCCM...

Garry Iglesias garry.iglesias at gmail.com
Sat Jul 2 14:44:11 PDT 2011

Wow Man !! Thank you ! I feel so ashamed not to have double checked
the function signature :(...

That was a real trap I jumped into as blind as rabbit in car lights...

I checked and yes, the two parameters were reversed:

the old one: void xcb_set_wm_protocols(xcb_connection_t *c, xcb_atom_t
                          xcb_window_t window, uint32_t list_len,
                          xcb_atom_t *list);

the new one: xcb_void_cookie_t xcb_icccm_set_wm_protocols(xcb_connection_t *c,
                                             xcb_window_t window,
                                             xcb_atom_t wm_protocols,
                                             uint32_t list_len,
                                             xcb_atom_t *list);

Really, you helped me a lot... Thank you again.



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