[Xcb] libX11 / xcb / glibc / xine-lib Problem

vdr at helmutauer.de vdr at helmutauer.de
Thu Mar 10 03:15:00 PST 2011


Thanks for the quick response
> How quickly and reliably can you reproduce the hang?
Its not really a hang, the frontend ist still running, but vdpau doesn't
show a picture anymore.

> Does downgrading to glibc 2.10 and keeping everything else the same make
> the hang go away?
I haven't tried downgrading yet (because its not really a solution).
But the problem was introduced by just upgrading from glibc 2.10 to 2.11
without changing anything of libX11, xcb or xine-lib, so I would guess
with glibc 2.10 the problem would not occur.

> I'd suggest starting with a backtrace of all threads when the hang
> occurs.  (In gdb, "thread apply all bt", and make sure you have debug
> symbols available for the various libraries involved.)
That can take some time, on my system I can't reproduce the problem, but I
have some users which can provide these traces.


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