[Xcb] GSoC,2011

vikash agrawal vikashagrawal1990 at gmail.com
Sat May 7 20:02:30 PDT 2011


> I don't know what part of the SoC interface you've looked at, but no,
> you don't need to provide any additional information there. Your project
> got accepted; you don't need to give Google any more information. :) At
> this point, you only need to work on the project itself.
> - Josh Triplett

I have taken an screenshot of the TODO page ( i.e my dashboard) . It is the
4th option that clearly states that Google needs some more info on the
project. So it would simply be fine if you could help on the same and
alsohelp me listing things and prioritizing my work :)

- Vikash Agrawal

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