[Xcb] XCB documentation effort

Uli Schlachter psychon at znc.in
Wed Nov 23 01:06:52 PST 2011


On 22.11.2011 22:45, Michael Stapelberg wrote:
> General questions:
> 1) I’m not sure if we should document types like xcb_map_window_request_t. Is
>     that considered part of our public API? If so, what are the benefits vs.
>     leaving that an implementation detail? I do understand the need to have
>     events and replies exposed, but request structs? If this is intended, should
>     we document them?

cairo's xcb backend does use xcb_put_image_request_t together with 
xcb_send_request() to send part of an image to the X server without having to 
copy the part into a continous memory chunk:


I don't say the request structs have to be documented (but xcb_send_request() 
really could mention that it wants vec[-1] and vec[-2]), just that there is a 
(single, weird) use for them out there.


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