[Xcb] Minimalistic Window Manager

Cinolt cinolt.yk at gmail.com
Tue Nov 29 11:20:19 PST 2011

Thanks all for your responses.

> LOL. That's fun. I haven't tried to run it yet, but I've skimmed it
>  and gotten it to compile. I'll try it out soon.

Excellent! I would love to know your thoughts on using it.

> * I have full sympathy for your lack of sympathy for autotools, but
> I'd at least supply a Makefile that uses pkg-config; should be helpful
> to a lot of folks. Attached. Feel free to license the Makefile under
> any OSI-approved license you like---see below.

Thanks for the suggestion and the contribution, a future user may
benefit, however I personally am intent with a simple 1-line build

> * Putting your name in a comment on the top would be pretty cool.
> Typically you'd do that with a copyright notice.
> * If you don't provide some kind of license, no one can modify or
> redistribute your code, and they may not be even legally entitled to
> use it. I would suggest the MIT license that XCB uses. Just stick the
> license in a comment in the file.
> Again, thanks for posting this!

My knowledge on software licenses is severely limited, however I
thought by stating it in the public domain, it would be unencumbered
from any legal issues whatsoever. In any case, my intent is to allow
anybody anywhere modify, redistribute, and use my work as if their

Thanks for your response :)

> This reminded me to show http://git.openinkpot.org/uuwm.git/ I wrote
> some time ago for a specific use-case.
> XCB-based WM (rewrite of dwm), tailored for embedded devices without
> touchscreen.

Not too familiar with embedded devices, I'll try to take a look at it
when I get time. :)

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