[Xcb] java: ../../src/xcb_lock.c:33: _XCBUnlockDisplay: Assertion `xcb_get_request_sent(dpy->xcb->connection) == dpy->request' failed.

mitch.seybold at L-3Com.com mitch.seybold at L-3Com.com
Tue May 1 07:46:47 PDT 2012

Hello -


I have a mission critical java application executing on Debian Linux
(lenny) running in jwrapper.  On occasion the JVM crashes with the
following output in the wrapper log file:


java: ../../src/xcb_lock.c:33: _XCBUnlockDisplay: Assertion
`xcb_get_request_sent(dpy->xcb->connection) == dpy->request' failed.

JVM received a signal UNKNOWN (6).

JVM process is gone.

JVM exited unexpectedly.


I believe the installed version of XCB on the offending machine is:


ii  libxcb-render-util0                  0.2.1+git1-1

libraries for X C Binding -- render-util

ii  libxcb-render0                       1.1-1.2                    X C

Binding, render extension

ii  libxcb-xlib0                         1.1-1.2                    X C

Binding, Xlib/XCB interface library

ii  libxcb1                              1.1-1.2



There were reported problems with XCB and multithreaded applications
dating back to 2008/2009 timeframe.  


I am curious if XCB has corrected any bug and if so, how to obtain a
corrected library which supports multithreaded operation on Debian Linux


Thanks in advance,


Mitch Seybold

L-3 Telemetry-West

3033 S. Parker Rd., Suite 1200

Aurora, CO  80014

(303) 369-4410 x2401

(303) 319-9414 (cell)

mitch.seybold at L-3com.com | L-3com.com/TW


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