[Xcb] [RFC] xcb/util-keysyms input handling patch

Michael Stapelberg michael+xcb at stapelberg.de
Wed Oct 10 02:54:10 PDT 2012


because X11 input handling is rather complicated, I thought I’d port the
code I’m using in i3lock to xcb-util so that others can profit from it
(and I don’t have to duplicate it in every tool). Essentially, it is a
simpler version (for the caller) of xcb_key_press_lookup_keysym which
keeps track of Mode_switch, ISO_Level3_Shift, ISO_Level5_Shift,
Num_Lock, Shift_Lock and Caps_Lock.

Attached you can find the current version of that patch which works
quite well, but not perfect. I’m still having problems with keyboard
layouts where there are two Mode_switch keys which can be pressed at the
same time (see the FIXME comments).

Before doing any more work on this, would you accept such a patch at all
or is it out of scope for what util-keysyms is for?
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