[Xcb] [RFC] xcb/util-keysyms input handling patch

Michael Stapelberg michael+xcb at stapelberg.de
Tue Oct 16 01:45:38 PDT 2012

Hi Daniel,

Daniel Martin <consume.noise at gmail.com> writes:
> For my part, I've never used the XKB stuff. You can pump the keycode
> into XKeycodeToKeysym(), into XKeysymToString(). And mods.effective
> could be tested against {Shift,Lock,Control,Mod1,...}Mask from X.h.
XKeycodeToKeysym(), like many other Xlib functions, uses XKB under the
hood :-). By using XKB directly, we skip this layer, which is beneficial
for porting the code over to XCB.

> ...
> Don't forget to use XFreeEventData(). I assume you've left it out in
> this example.
Thanks for the hint.

Best regards,

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