[Xcb] [Bug 56441] wine still deadlocks using libxcb1.9

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--- Comment #4 from Josh DuBois <duboisj at codeweavers.com> ---
(In reply to comment #2)
> The backtrace you provided shows only one thread.  Could you try "thread
> apply all bt full", to get a backtrace of every thread?  That could help us
> find the threads that deadlock together.

I will try, but I just lifted that backtrace from the winehq bug: I didn't
create it.  (I have one which wine itself dumped after a font install crash,
but I haven't attached a debugger to a hung font install ... don't have a dev
env on the vm I've been testing with, and I'm not expert at wine debugging,

One thing which I should have been more explicit about: the behavior I see is a
lengthy hang followed by an eventual crash.  I believe (but am not certain)
that once the font installer hangs, it will crash every time if left alone for
long enough.

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