[Xcb] [Bug 66413] libxcb 1.9.1: Fails to build on Arch Linux: /home/<user>/install-sh: No such file or directory

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Mon Jul 1 16:44:44 PDT 2013


--- Comment #10 from Daniel Martin <consume.noise at gmail.com> ---
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> Uhm, I can't find anything in the auto* docs which say that a certain order
> of the macros is required. Could this be a bug in automake?

Just had a look at it and I think it's bug in automake too. The problem seems
to be that $ac_aux_dir is not initialized. Adding a AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR or
AC_CONFIG_AUX_DIR([.]) fixes it for me.

Long story:
- "/bin/sh: /home/miki/install-sh" comes from $install_sh,
- $install_sh comes out of install-sh.m4:
  install_sh="\${SHELL} $am_aux_dir/install-sh"
- $am_aux_dir comes out of auxdir.m4:
  am_aux_dir=`cd $ac_aux_dir && pwd`
- And if $ac_aux_dir is not initialized, we end up with the home directory as
prefix in $am_aux_dir.

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