[Xcb] xcb util-cursor, again

Julien Danjou acid at debian.org
Fri Jul 12 01:10:17 PDT 2013

On Thu, Jul 11 2013, Michael Stapelberg wrote:

> Arnaud Fontaine <arnaud at andesi.org> writes:
>> There is  no need  to release xcb-util  as a whole,  so you  can release
>> anytime IMO. Concerning release, you can follow this document[0].
> Thanks, this is done now.
> Julien, Arnaud, does any one of you (or somebody else) want to handle
> the Debian part of things here? I can do it myself, being a DD, but I am
> not familiar with the X strike force workflows etc., so maybe it’s
> better if one of you does it. If you feel like you have no time in the
> foreseeable future, let me know.

I won't have time to do that soon, so unless Arnaud has time to handle
that, I think you're good to go.


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