[Xcb] [Bug 71060] xcb-util-cursor trying to create Pixmap of size 0

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--- Comment #5 from Michael Stapelberg <michael+freedesktop at stapelberg.de> ---
(In reply to comment #4)
> Nope, the patch didn't help. 
> I still don't know exactly what the problem is. Thing work fine if I force
> xcb_cursor_load to return XCB_NONE, but it's not a proper fix :)
> I have some trouble to reproduce too. awesome can either crash fast with a
> lua backtrace, crash slowly with lot of X error or simply freeze.
I’ll not apply the patch then, for now.

Here are a few lines of C code to use xcb-util-cursor to set the X root window
cursor. Maybe that helps to reproduce the problem: http://sprunge.us/AjSA

You could also test whether you can reproduce the problem with i3 instead of
awesome; both use xcb-util-cursor.

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