[Xcb] [Bug 71060] xcb-util-cursor trying to create Pixmap of size 0

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--- Comment #6 from ludovic coues <couesl at gmail.com> ---
Thank, the lines from sprunge.us help, I can now reproduce every time.

With version 0.1.0, both freshly compiled and from arch repo, I get a
segmentation fault on xcb_disconnect just after an error "free(): invalid next
size (fast): 0x0847d090".
With the git version, freshly pulled, it's a segfault on the malloc at
parse_cursor_file.c:168. numpixels, at line 167, have a value of 576 (24*24).

valgrind give more interesting data. He complain about "Syscall param read(buf)
point to unaddressable byte(s)". Following trace lead me to
parse_cursor_file.c:92, a call to read. When I try to print cf.header value, I
get coherent data, like 0x902a038, same as cf. But both &cf and &(cf.header)
give 0xffffffff.

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