[Xcb] [proto] Remove XPrint, fix docu mistake, tighten schema

Daniel Martin consume.noise at gmail.com
Fri Nov 22 14:26:48 PST 2013


I've prepared a few patches for proto. They are not urgent and shouldn't
block a 1.10 release.

[proto 1/6] Remove XPrint extension

XPrint has been removed from Xorg 5 years ago. Is there any sane reason
to keep it? Anything else than "we could poke our grandchildren at"?
Though, removing it requires a removal in libxcb too. There it's enabled
by default.

[proto 2/6] xproto: Fix EnterNotify documentation

Looks like a copy'n'paste mistake to me as the same text can be found at
the UnmapNotify event.

[proto 3/6] schema: Set default attribute values
[proto 4/6] schema: Add attribute 'name' to <fd>
[proto 5/6] schema: Remove dec-or-hex-integer and hex-integer type
[proto 6/6] schema: Restricted enum item values

On the one hand these're just beautifyings as we can control what's
going into the xml specifications and therefor won't have any abuses.
On the other hand, I'd say that we have a schema and it should be as
tight as possible.

    Daniel Martin

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