[Xcb] [lib] Remove XPrint, fixes, "API" break

Daniel Martin consume.noise at gmail.com
Fri Nov 22 14:27:27 PST 2013


and here're some more patches I've prepared:

[lib 1/5] c_client.py: Fix _sizeof() functions

That's the attachment from

[lib 2/5] Remove XPrint extension

(Same comment as in the previous patches for proto.)

[lib 3/5] c_client.py: Prefer bit shifts over values in enum


With this all enum values will have the 'u' suffix, the values are
aligned and a bit shift will be used if available.

[lib 4/5] c_client.py: Use compliant header guard


Here I've just removed the leading underscores. I could add an "XCB_"
prefix if requested.

[lib 5/5] c_client.py: No sizeofs for Events, Replies, Requests

Those sizeofs are useless. They're serialization helpers used within
iterators for lists. And we don't have lists of events, replies or
With this patch we've roughly 300 fewer functions, which reflects in
~11k LOC.

    Daniel Martin

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