[Xcb] Docs?

Sam Varshavchik mrsam at courier-mta.com
Mon Aug 11 15:52:29 PDT 2014

Robert Koretsky writes:

> I don't want to be a developer, nor install the source to get to some simple  
> yet complete documentation on Request and Event functions. I'm also VERY new  
> to C programming, and don't want to write programs that contain the functions  
> that are in the tutorial.

XCB is a very thin layer on top of the X protocol. The documentation you're  
looking for is here  


XCB's function map directly onto the messages and events.

For example, TranslateCoordinates is mapped directly onto the  
xcb_translate_coordinates() function, and the reply message,  
xcb_translate_coordinates_reply_t, is returned by  

The same convention holds true for all X messages. Additional work is needed  
to handle replies, and events.

Additionally, if you're new to C programming, this is probably shouldn't be  
your first choice for learning material. There are plenty of smaller, easier  

Why don't you try writing something that uses the zlib library. It's much  
smaller and easier to understand.

Finally, neither XCB, nor the X documentation, will actually explain you how  
the X protocol works, aside from the terse documentation for each message.  
You must know how X works, if you don't, you'll be lost. This documentation  
is for the API, it's not an X protocol tutorial. The two are not the same.

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