[Xcb] [Bug 60502] xpyb: damage.py does not work: "NameError: global name 'RECTANGLE' is not defined"

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Sat Aug 23 19:50:22 PDT 2014


--- Comment #5 from Klee Dienes <klee at mit.edu> ---
I ran into the same problem on Debian unstable using python-xcbgen 1.10-1.

I don't have convenient access to an Arch system, but it's hard for me to
understand how it could be working.  Is damage.py on Arch ending up with
references to xproto.RECTANGLE?  Or is RECTANGLE somehow getting loaded by

>From my brief scan, it looked to me like the problem is that py_client.py:_t is
stripping the namespace information from types before emitting.  I was able to
fix the problem for my purposes with the attached patch.  I undoubtedly missed
some cases. I'm happy to clean it up for submission if it turns out I am on the
right track.

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